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Super Couching Starter Bundle

Super Couching Starter Bundle

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Which foot do I need?

Contains everything you need to get started and more!

  • Couching Foot to fit your machine
  • Sew-Slip Mat
  • Straight Line Ruler
  • Heart Ruler
  • Circles Ruler
  • Cables Ruler
  • Parrs USB Tutorial
  • Parrs Design Buttons

The foot comes in two sizes, low shank for domestic machines and high shank for larger long arm machines. We also have a detailed guide here.

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What is couching?

Couching is an embroidery technique adding decorative stitching using yarn which is attached and sewn onto your fabric using stitches. The couching technique adds colour and texture by introducing thicker threads and wool to the free motion process. Combine our ground breaking couching foot with our ruler collection to get beautiful, consistent designs.

The Foot

Free Motion Hopping Couching Foot

Parrs are pleased to bring Couching to the world of Free
Motion Quilting Rulers with our new couching foot.

This foot is specially designed to combine the thicker threads and wool into the free motion

Our Couching Foot is compatible with all domestic machines! Designed specifically with a 5mm depth, it fits snugly within the channel of our rulers, providing stability and precision to your couching creations.

The Mat

SewSlip Mat

The SewSlip mat is tacky on one side and smooth of the other. The fabric glides elegantly across the mat to allow the free motion movement required.

The central hole in the mat is designed to line up perfectly with the needle plate.

The Rulers

Straight Line, Hearts, Circles and Vines

This bundle includes four Parrs Free Motion Quilting Rulers: Heart, Circles, Straight line, and Vines.

Each ruler offers unique designs and patterns to add creativity and precision to your quilting projects with ease.

Each ruler can create borders, centrepieces or overall patterns, offering versatility for a variety of quilting projects.

The Tutorial

USB Tutorial Beginner to Intermediate

This USB tutorial is 1.5 hours long, covers all aspects of quilting with rulers, including setting the foot to your machine (a one off setting), how to set your machine to use rulers, how to feed the fabric and ruler and all questions  in-between so you can start to use rulers on your own domestic sewing machine with confidence and produce the quality of stitch and design that you want.

The Buttons

Parrs Design Buttons

Use Parrs design buttons with all of your Parrs rulers to sketch your designs on paper first. Simply pop the button in the ruler and rest the nib of a pen or pencil into the button and follow the ruler round!