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Rhapsody Encore

Rhapsody Encore


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The Parrs Rhapsody Encore ruler, create a double twizzle, with an asymmetric weight to create a delightful loop each time. Reminisant of Victorian iron work, add timeless elegance to your design.

The Rhapsody Encore partners perfectly with all rulers in the Rhapsody family.

Create the perfect design every time with Parrs Free Motion Rulers.

Use Parrs free motion rulers to achieve consistent quilting patterns every time. Intricate and repeatable designs can be achieved with ease through our patented designs and visually striking and ergonomically designed rulers.

All rulers can be mixed and matched to make your own unique designs. Unlock your potential and proudly show off your creative side. 

Compatible with all sewing machines (with appropriate foot) due to the easy-to-use internal channel.

All Parrs products are designed and manufactured in the UK to exacting standards. Our precision laser cut and etched rulers will ensure you always get an amazing final result.

Just getting started? Try our Starter Kit to kick-start your quilting ruler journey! 

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