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Couching Foot - Industrial

Couching Foot - Industrial

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Our Couching Ruler Foot is specially designed to fit snugly within the channel of our free motion rulers, giving control, stability and precision to your sewing creations.

The couching foot brings together the sewing and embroidery worlds. Use your favourite yarn to add colour and texture for an embroidery finish using a domestic sewing machine. 

The foot is also compatible with the traditional thread and can be used in the classic way. 

The 'hopping' design of the foot allows the toe to stay within the ruler even when quilting on thicker fabrics.

The industrial foot is for the larger sewing machines, for further details please see the guide below.

Which Foot Do I Need for Free Motion Ruler Work

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What is couching?

Couching is an embroidery technique adding decorative stitching using yarn which is attached and sewn onto your fabric using stitches. The couching technique adds colour and texture by introducing thicker threads and wool to the free motion process. Combine our ground breaking couching foot with our ruler collection to get beautiful, consistent designs.